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We deliver for our customers. Period.

No sales pitch in the world can compensate for a lack of results. At TimbukTech, we’re results-driven. We’ll say that we’re the right technology partner for your business success and then we’ll prove it. Proving it means delivering the technology services and strategy that you need to run your business successfully – nothing superfluous, nothing less. Drawing on our decades of experience working with businesses of all kinds, we’ve developed services that deliver results at an affordable price. Your business is our top priority.

Technology should be a business asset. We’ve worked with many companies where the opposite held true. Technology became a boogeyman: causing downtime, breaking budgets, inviting fines, and generally interrupting the workday. If you’re nodding your head ‘yes’ to some or all of those things, we can help. As your business partner and technology provider, we can both advise on and deliver the solutions you need. We have services designed to make your workday easier, save you money, and take the stress out of technology altogether.

Specific Services We Offer

IT Service Saver

IT Service Saver is our complete tech support services package. When you sign on for IT Service Saver, we are on call for your business 24/7. No matter what is affecting your computer or network, we will be there – at your business or ours – to help. Knowing you have around-the-clock support gives you peace of mind and allows you to budget for technology accurately. Instead of paying-as-you-go and sinking unexpected money into tech support calls when something breaks, we’re there whenever and however often you need us to be, with IT Service Saver.

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the ability to get back to business as soon as possible, should something go wrong. Now that most businesses store the majority of their data digitally and rely upon technology to operate, it’s critical to have a recovery strategy and system in place in the event that technology is compromised. With our RapidRecovery automated backup and restore system, your data is backed up every hour – onsite and off – to ensure that your data is protected. If anything goes awry, your data and systems can be restored in no time.

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Security & Compliance

Data security is a growing concern for businesses. That makes sense – cyber-crime has become more sophisticated as technology has advanced and every business is a target. Even more troubling, people often pose an unwitting risk. TimbukTech provides premium security measures for your computer network and even mobile devices. More than that, we will train and educate your employees on how to avoid scams, like phishing, keeping your data secure inside and out. We’re also Compliance experts. Whatever security standards your business needs to meet, we have it covered.

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VoiceComplete makes communicating with your customers easier, more affordable, and more effective. We understand how important it is for your technology to simply work as it’s supposed to. Traditional phone lines have limited flexibility and even fewer features. VoiceComplete uses the Internet to take your phone services to another level. Whether you want to connect multiple office locations, connect your office line to your cell phone or home, or something else entirely, VoiceComplete is packed with options and can grow with your business.

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General Business IT Support

Technology is now closely tied with every business. In fact, few businesses can operate without it. That shift in the landscape calls for comprehensive IT support from a team of certified professionals – a team like TimbukTech. As a technology services provider with an emphasis on business, we have the experience and skills required to help guide and provide the technology your company needs to grow and succeed. We can help you understand the role technology plays in your company, what future technology you’ll need, and how it will fit into your budget. We’ll be a true partner, pushing toward your goals.

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