The ITSS Program is a proactive, stress-free solution with a clear cost up front. We are always a phone call away and will oversee your technology needs year-round.
We can handle your technology, so you can get back to business.

Stop The Down Time. Increase Your Productivity.

Technology can’t tap you on the shoulder and warn you that it’s about to fail. When something does go wrong, you won’t see it coming and it won’t be in the budget. If you’re only calling IT support when something fails, you’re throwing money away.

TimbukTech created the IT Service Saver Program so that businesses like yours could have a better IT support strategy in place.

IT Service Saver Program

Our IT Service Saver Program is designed from the ground up to make it easy for you to manage your IT. A flat monthly investment is all it takes for our team to become part of your team and prevent problems before they happen.

A fix-as-needed strategy might appear cheaper on the invoice, but it comes loaded with hidden costs: delays on client work, plummeting employee productivity, and halted operations. IT support should be proactive. There should be no hidden costs. IT should be worry free.

We want to be a part of your team – not just a number to call when something breaks. We offer ‘Technical Business Reviews’ as part of our ITSS program. We’ll act as your CTO/CIO: helping your company strategize, evaluate equipment needs, and improve efficiency. We become a true partner in pursuing your goals and an extension of your organization.

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