We serve clients in nearly every industry!

We serve businesses of every kind, all over the region and beyond. With decades of experience and hundreds of clients in diverse industries, we know what it takes to deliver the technology results your business needs. We mold technology to fit your company perfectly and help develop a long-term strategy that sets your business up for success. As a business and technology partner, you can trust that we will always do our due diligence in learning about and adapting to your industry and company, specifically. We’ll provide the technology services you need.

For businesses who are required to adhere to compliance regulations, TimbukTech can help with passing exams and meeting compliance standards. We specialize in helping the financial, medical, and government industries with compliance issues. Compliance can distract from core business tasks and non-compliance can result in fines, sanctions, and more. Even if there’s not a specific compliance entity that monitors your business, TimbukTech can ensure that your technology standards rival or surpass others in your industry.

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Our Typical Customer

While no customer is the same, there are some trends we see...

Has Between 10 – 100 Employees

We love small businesses! Small businesses are an important part of every community and we love helping them improve their business technology. Many small businesses can’t afford a full internal IT support team and that makes TimbukTech a perfect fit. We can serve as that team, helping them budget for, implement, and maintain a full lineup of the technology services they need. While we’re capable of helping companies bigger and smaller than 10-50 employees, many of our clients fall into that range and have found success with TimbukTech.

Relies On Technology To Conduct Their Business

We can be of the most help to companies who rely on technology to conduct day-to-day business. Because we offer advanced technology systems and programs designed to help companies operate more efficiently, it makes the most sense for companies that heavily use technology. That can include Internet use, phone services, data storage, and more. More and more businesses now fall into this category. If your company doesn’t use much technology, we can still help your business operate more smoothly – but most of our clients are tech-heavy.

Wants A Technology Partner

When we find companies that are receptive to a technology partner, we find that they’re able to take advantage of everything we’re able to offer. In addition to being a technology provider, we can be a valuable partner in developing a lasting business technology strategy. We want to know your business inside and out so that we can skillfully advise you on what technology you presently need and what technology you’ll need as your business grows. Our clients who want a partner they can work closely with are ideal.

Holds High Standards

TimbukTech is the industry leader in IT support and business technology. We are looking for clients who hold their technology partners to high standards. We want those standards in place so that we can exceed them. With TimbukTech, you’ll find that technology turns from a problem into a solution that helps solve most of – if not all – of your business challenges. When you partner with TimbukTech, we want you to expect a reliable and secure computer network, full IT support, and a successful strategy for the future.

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