VoiceComplete From TimbukTech is Changing The Game

Remember the ‘Can you hear me now?’ ad campaign? It was effective because the message was loud and clear: your phone has to work wherever and whenever you need it to. That applies especially to your company’s phone system. Having an unreliable phone system could mean missing calls from important clients, ineffective communication between employees, and general inflexibility.

VoiceComplete from TimbukTech gives you a phone system you can count on. It is all-inclusive and feature rich – saving you from the higher cost of paying for features individually.

Your Phone Has Never Been More Powerful

With VoiceComplete

  • You’ll be able to transfer calls between multiple locations or external numbers – like cell phones or vendor lines.
  • You’ll be able to check voicemails even if you’re out of office.
  • You can receive notification of voicemails through e-mail and listen from your cell phone.
  • Unlimited domestic calling comes at a flat rate.
  • There are no busy signals – if customers can’t reach you, they could take their business elsewhere.

Fax over IP is also available – receive faxes in your e-mail, print to a fax machine, and more. Fax over IP is both SOX and HIPAA compliant.

With VoiceComplete, we work with you to design your perfect call flow. Because we build your system with your business in mind, it allows for easy growth and expansion. No more making your business fit your phone system – we make your phone system fit your business.

VoiceComplete Guide Download