Your Technology Partner For Business Success

Whatever business success looks like to you, TimbukTech will help you get there. While we do provide top-notch IT and technology services, we also act as a business partner for your company. Instead of bolting out of the room before the contract ink is dry, we want to know everything there is to know about your business and your challenges. That’s because we offer more than services – we offer strategy, advice, direction. Having the right technology in place is key. But, we want you to know why, what role it plays in your business, and how your business technology can save you money and help you grow. If your IT support – or lack thereof – is creating challenges, we’re here to solve them.

As a partner, we want to communicate (in plain English – not industry-speak) what technology and services your company needs and how we can implement them. Our goal is to find where your business technology isn’t stacking up and fix it. That includes advising on data security compliance issues, assessing security risks, and just making sure that the technology you use every day – your phones, your computers, etc. – work like they’re supposed to.

Your Partner For Business Success

We Can Help With Your Business Challenges

Keeping Up

Running my business takes my full attention. I’m worried that our IT will fall through the cracks.

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My staff is stretched. We don’t have the personnel resources necessary to keep up with changing technology.

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The risk of non-compliance is too great. We don’t have a dedicated compliance person and I need help understanding.

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Monetary penalties are handed down for non-compliance in my industry. Any violation results in stricter oversight.

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I spend a lot of my time and energy on my company’s IT. I’m also balancing my job responsibilities at the same time.

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Our employees are really great at running our business, but I need a way to train them on security best practices.

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We’ve Formed Partnerships With Businesses In Nearly Every Industry

Banking IconBanking & Financial

We keep your institution secure and compliant.

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Medical IconHealthcare

Personal data, complicated compliance: we’ve got you covered.

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Government IconLocal Government

Government calls for complex technology services that we can provide.

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Business Icon15+ Other Industries

Don’t see your industry above? Don’t fret – we work with you, too.

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