TimbukTech Team

Our Mission is Clear

Technology is a growing part of your business and keeping up can feel impossible. We want to find out what challenges you face day-to-day and supply you with the technology and services to overcome them. Technology shouldn’t be a burden or something you have to squeeze, painfully, into your schedule. Your technology should simply work for your business. We act as a business partner first and technology services supplier second. Getting to know your business helps us shape an IT strategy that fits your company and makes your life easier.

Whether it’s building a thorough business continuity plan to keep your data safe in the event of a disaster or we’re just diagnosing why your computer won’t talk to your printer, we’re going to to be available for every problem, every time. When you know that a full team of IT professionals is within easy reach to help your business, everything runs smoother. Your team is more confident handling technology and you can turn your focus back to the task at hand. We also advise on future technology needs, ensuring you have the means and the direction.

Benefits of Working With TimbukTech

TimbukTech is not like other IT companies. For one, TimbukTech is a business partner that specializes in strategizing for and supplying business technology services. You’ll notice the second difference right away when you meet our team. We don’t speak in jargon. We don’t leave you hanging. And we can’t wait to learn about your business.

 Small Business Professionals

We love small businesses and have worked with hundreds of them. We understand the unique challenges small businesses face and are ready and able to help.

Fast Turnaround Time

Your business moves quickly and so do we. Nobody likes waiting around forever and we won’t make you. Should an issue arise, you can count on a quick fix.

No “Tech Talk”

Our aim is to help you, not confuse you. We don’t want to trick you into a service or product you don’t need. You’ll get straight talk – no technobabble.

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